My first blog post

Dear World

It’s been a ghastly year #2017 Overwhelming to say the least! Un-ending life lessons. It’s been a barrage of belonging issues, God-issues, prejudices, personality-clashes, abuse, despair, LOVE. It’s pretty much felt like I’m in the barrel of a 60 foot wave – rushing, crashing, tumultuous, bitter, sweet, salty – crashing into magnificent jaggered rocks, still pushing forward to gloriously smash into and spill onto a sandy beach somewhere. I hope that I’m close to the shore now. I’m exhausted!

What started out as a year with so much promise & excitement; turned out to be something so absurdly contradictory. I’d be happy to see the coastline approach now… I’m simply exhausted.

It’s not my job to fix your prejudices.
It’s not my job to fix your insecurities.
It’s not my job to fix your indolence.
It’s not my job to fix your insolence.
It’s not my job to fix your bigotries.
It’s not my job to stroke your ego.
It’s not my job to point out any of these things to you if you have not yet recognised it.

It IS my job to be the best person that I can be… no matter how overwhelming the situation may be. I must remind myself daily, hourly that I do have a choice… my response.

I think I see the shoreline…